Patterning & Algebra Practice Questions

eLearning with the Grade 4’s. This activity is uploaded to Brightspace D2L and Google Drive folders for the students.

JSPS Makerspace

Grade 4 Patterning & Algebra Practice on the computer: demonstrate an understanding of equality between pairs of expressions, using addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

The following activities have corresponding websites for practice below.

Please start with #1. (you just have to place your cursor over the number and double click to open the link in a new window).

You will answer the questions and submit them on the computer. If you get a wrong answer, the website will explain how you can fix it – this is where you will use your math journal.

Task: Use your math journals to share an example of a question you struggled with. Explain in at least 3 sentences, what you would do differently next time. Be prepared to discuss in our Talking/Knowledge Building Circles!

  1. Addition: fill in the missing digits (Grade 4 – B.3)
  2. Properties of addition (Grade 4 –…

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