Regions of Canada

We are focusing on Connections and Communication as part of our New Pedagogies for Deep Learning project with a Grade 9 class! Watch the twitter feed for more information!

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This spring, we have some wonderful work that we will be engaged in. As we continue into our Social Studies unit, our students have begun to identify an endangered animal in each region of Canada. We will be studying the environmental impacts of industry on the animals from each region. We will also be creating some art in the style of Norval Morrisseau – an Ojibwe artist from Ontario – to symbolize our endangered animals. Our students will have the amazing opportunity to share, ask questions and receive feedback from the Social Studies Grade 9 students at another high school:)

Our students are tweeting out their questions (check out our class twitter feed), and also asking ‘Rich’ questions over Green Screen to send to the class! We hope that as we go with our projects that we will get great feedback from our partners!


Here is a wonderful Shadow Puppet…

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